Leaching reagents

Reagents for mineral leaching processes

PIONERA’s BioPolymers are versatile additives that increase returns for our customers.

The use of BioPolymers may result in higher metal recoveries with minimal Health, Safety or Environmental issues.
PIONERA’s BioPolymers are highly effective for use in leaching ore concentrates. PIONERA products are modified natural polymers acting as a dispersant that can prevent elemental sulphur from coating the desired ore particles. Sulphur formation on the ore particles can interfere with the extraction process and result in decreased metal recoveries.

  Gold leaching

  Autoclave leaching

  Atmospheric leaching


The recovery of gold, copper, nickel, zinc and other metals can be increased through the use of our PIONERA BioPolymer.

Obtain additional benefits of using PIONERA BioPolymers

  • By modifying the rheology of the concentrate, PIONERA improves the viscosity and kinetics of the system resulting in increased production.
  • Less downtime as less maintenance stops are required.
  • Environmental advantages over synthetic reagents.
  • By inhibiting scale formation, positive heat transfer is better maintained.
  • Catalytic properties may deliver faster reaction kinetics for sulphide oxidation.
  • Does not interfere with the SX/EW process.
  • High salt tolerance.

PIONERA has devoted considerable research and development efforts towards identifying the most suitable BioPolymers for use in pressure leaching applications. Evaluations, both internally and externally with consultants and customers, have demonstrated our products’ performance in various ores. These efforts have led to the development of superior natural polymers that are optimized for performance under various metal recovery conditions.
PIONERA offers knowledgeable technical assistance to help choose the right PIONERA BioPolymer for each customer’s operation and ore type. Facilities are available for formulation development and product evaluation.


PIONERA BioPolymers provide benefits compared with many other process chemicals concerning Health, Safety and Environment:


-       Minimum regulations for storage and handling

-       Minimum harm to environment

-       Minimum toxicity level

-       Exempted from REACH registration