Gold recovery increase in CIL circuit

Various trials have shown the potential of PIONERA BioPolymer to increase metal recovery in leaching circuits. This is especially relevant in the CIL/CIP circuits used in gold processing. The benefit of PIONERA BioPolymer is also observed in the Merrill Crowe process.

A recent plant trial with an Asian gold mine showed the below results. In addition, the grinding throughput also increased about 9% as the solid content in the feed slurry could be increased from 38% to 40% without loosing recovery.

Figure: Gold recovery during plant trial over 2 months


In order to know more about this trial you can contact Mr. Dani Ramdani.

At the MetSoc Hydro 2014 conference in Canada a scientific paper was presented by Dr. Rolf Andreas Lauten together with the customer. For further information see the following reference.


A plant scale trial at a gold mine in Canada showed a recovery increase in gold of about 1% over a range of different feed head grades.

Figure: Gold recovery in a 11 day long plant scale trial in CIL circuit


If you like further information on this trial, please contact Mr. Steve Dickman.


With the addition of 600 g/t of  PIONERA L-800, slurry solids can increase from 45% to 52.5% while maintaining the same gold recovery.

Figure: Gold recovery vs CIL feed solid content


More bottle roll tests showed an opportunity to increase gold recovery

Figure : Gold recovery in bottle roll tests