The Flotation of Pyrite and Chalcopyrite in the Presence of Biopolymers


Author: Yufan Mu, School of Chemical Engineering, University of Queensland, Australia

Co-Authors: Dr. Rolf Andreas Lauten, Pionera; Yongjun Peng, JKMRC, University of Queensland, Australia

Published in: 2014



Biopolymers, produced from cellulosic biomass, have promising prospects of application as depressants in mineral processing. In this study, three different types of biopolymers (i.e., DP 1775, DP 1777 and DP-1778) were used to study the effect of polymer structure on flotation of un-activated pyrite, copper activated pyrite and chalcopyrite. It was found that the depressing effect of DP-1775 and DP-1778 was much stronger than that of DP-1777, and pyrite was depressed to a greater content than chalcopyritre with the same biopolymer at the same dosage.