PIONERA BioPolymers in mining and mineral processing

PIONERA BioPolymers are modified natural polymers from renewable sources.

PIONERA BioPolymers are water-soluble and are available as a spray-dried powder or as liquid. These products are compatible with anionic and non-ionic dispersants, wetting agents, and most organic and inorganic reagents and additives used in mineral processing.

PIONERA BioPolymers are compatible with leach, solvent extraction and electrowinning processes.

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PIONERA BioPolymer powders can easily be dissolved to a 40-50% solids solution. For low shear mixing, best results are achieved by sifting the powder into hot or warm water with agitation. Mixing time for complete dissolution is dependent on shear, water temperature and desired solids concentration. These solutions are non-thixotropic, are stable for long periods of time, and are not impacted by freeze/thaw cycles. Dilute solutions of PIONERA BioPolymers should be remade periodically to prevent microbe contamination. Powder can also be added directly in process via powder or pneumatic feeding equipment.


The fundamental monomer is a hydroxyphenyl propane unit with varying substitution pattern. It is linked to other monomer units with a multitude of different covalent bonds. It contains many aromatic rings. The distribution of unpolar and polar groups, including the hydroxyl, carboxyl and sulfonic acid groups in addition to the molecular weight determines the properties of the particular Biopolymer.

Health, Safety and Environment

PIONERA BioPolymers provide benefits compared with many other process chemicals concerning Health, Safety and Environment 

-       Minimum regulations for storage and handling

-       Minimum harm for environment

-       Minimum toxicity level

-       Exempted from REACH registration



The information given here is based on our best knowledge and we believe it to be true and accurate. However, Pionera does not warrant or guarantee in any manner whatsoever, including the warranty of merchantability or fitness for the end use, the adequacy of the information and procedures listed herein and will not be responsible for any damage resulting from their use.

It is difficult to cover all scenarios that may involve our products. This document is only intended to offer some guidelines in handling PIONERA products. If additional information is required for your specific situation, please contact your sales representative.